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RYQ-4 microclimate automatic observation instrument

source :    time : 2020-03-27

RYQ-4 microclimate automatic observation instrument


RYQ-4 microclimate automatic observation instrument school case Yangling Northwest Sci-Tech University of Agriculture and Forestry applied the RYQ-4 type farmland microclimate automatic observation instrument for the investigation of experimental fields. The RYQ-4 type farmland microclimate automatic observation instrument is currently an advanced farmland monitoring System in China, the collected crop information can be transmitted to the digital display platform of the experimental area at any time, which can automatically monitor the agricultural material growth potential, moisture content, seedling condition, insect condition and so on visually and remotely, and provide a timely and accurate basis for scientific guidance of agricultural production. This system can monitor the growth of vegetables, solar radiation index, light intensity, air temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide content, soil moisture and temperature in real time. Soil water infiltration is the process of distributing precipitation or other forms of surface water supply between surface and underground runoff. It has obvious effect on the water cycle and soil loss process. Using the MP-508B soil sensor to measure the volume of water content is beneficial to study the soil water infiltration characteristics of forestland. It is of great significance to explore the regulation mechanism of hydrological processes in forest basins.

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