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FK-W crawler crane wireless wind speed alarm instrument

source :    time : 2020-03-30

FK-W crawler crane wireless wind speed alarm instrument

FK-W crawler crane wireless wind speed alarm instrument product overview: FK-W wireless wind speed measurement and control instrument is a wireless measurement and control product developed by Ruiyan Zhihua Company for special engineering machinery, aerial work and other fields. Combining advanced sensors and short-range wireless communication technology with data processing and control technology. It completely eliminates the wiring troubles of the installers, and the transmission distance can reach 2Km / 1Km (line of sight).

The device is mainly composed of two parts: wireless wind speed sensor and measurement and control instrument.

Product parameters:

Wireless wind speed sensor power supply options: AC220V, DC5V, DC12V, DC24V measurement and control instrument power supply options: AC220V, DC12V, DC24V

Working current: 250mA at DC12V (depending on the power of wireless transmission);

Wireless wind speed sensor DC12V 30-80mA (varies according to the power of wireless transmission);

Power consumption: DC12V≤5W

Alarm wind speed: 5-39m / s adjustable;

Wind speed at power failure: 6-40m / s can be adjusted (power failure delay is about 2 seconds to avoid power failure caused by instantaneous wind speed);

Control contact capacity: AC220V / 10A;

Working mode: continuous;

Load output: Relay transmission distance: 1Km (line-of-sight), the work site depends on the actual shielding situation.

Power cord length: 1.5 meters as standard, can be customized

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