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RY-CZF type evaporation sensor

RY-CZF type evaporation sensor is developed and produced by Yunnong Wisdom Company, with independent intellectual property rights. The outer cylinder is designed and processed in stainless steel 316, with beautiful appearance and caliber of 200 mm, in line with national standards. The design signal output is divided into three types, the main differences are as follows:

       RY-CZF / S ······· Output signal: 4-20mA (standard three-wire system)

       RY-CZF / 485 ······ Output signal: RS485 communication (MODBUS protocol)


Technical Parameters:

1: The lower computer needs to output instantaneous evaporation, hourly evaporation and daily evaporation (20-20 hours)

2: In simple use, when there is rainfall, the rainfall oes not participate in the calculation, and the output value is only for reference, so the evaporation is meaningless.

3: Calculation of daily evaporation: At 20 o'clock every day, manually add water to the evaporation sensor to 80mm, then the sensor outputs 20MA, corresponding to the water level of 80mm, namely the original amount; the remaining water level after 24 hours of evaporation is the margin.

    Daily evaporation = original amount (original amount 80mm) - margin (water level remaining at 20:00 on the same day)

4: Calculation of hourly evaporation: Hourly evaporation = original amount (water level height in the previous hour)-margin (remaining water level height)

5: Calculation of instantaneous evaporation: instantaneous evaporation (based on the interval reported by the query, such as 15 minutes) = original amount (water level height of the previous query)-margin (remaining water level height of this time)

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